Whetstone Ministries


Why go into the wilderness?

A whetstone is used to sharpen and in this an adventure is the tool that will be used to sharpen the relationships between a father and his family. Wilderness Adventures are a good setting for this honing for four reasons:

  1. A natural setting—In a wilderness you will be separated from modern conveniences, thus, you will be free to concentrate on the basics of life. By spending an week basic and intense activity together there will be special opportunities to share the things of your heart with each other.
  2. A disconnect—In the wilderness you will be out of your normal routines and away from your normal responsibilities which will free you up to learn deeper things about the Christian life. (Even cell phones do not work in the Wilderness.)
  3. A temporary community—Because you will be with a small group of people who have never been together before, you will be free up from past relationship mistakes and can learn new aspects about relationship building.
  4. A Christian focus—By focusing on Biblical Biographies and character during devotions each morning and you will find that the entire trip will be more relevant and meaningful when you get back home. Without the spiritual focus the outing would be simply an outdoor experience.

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