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Daily Encouragements


September 11

God Bless! – Psalm 129:5–8

Whom do you ask God to bless? Why?

It is not always appropriate to say, “God bless you!” Neither should you always request, “God bless America!” Actually, God desires to bless all people in all nations, but He cannot bless those who curse Him and reject Him. Therefore, you should be careful whom you bless.

There were some people whom the Psalmist did not ask God to bless, but he asked for judgment upon them. “Let them all be confounded and turned back that hate Zion (God’s people). Let them be as the grass upon the housetops, which withereth afore it groweth up” (vv. 5, 6). It is not proper to ask God to bring judgment upon other people for selfish reasons, but when they are bringing shame to the Lord, it may be appropriate to ask Him to judge according to His righteousness.

It is important that you be careful whom you “bless.” The Psalmist warned about this, “Neither do they which go by [those who have rejected God and His ways] say, The blessing of the LORD be upon you: we bless you in the name of the LORD” (v. 8).

Jesus told His disciples, “And whosoever will not receive you, when ye go out of that city, shake off the very dust from your feet for a testimony against them” (Luke 9:5). This is quite different from indiscriminately telling everyone, “God bless you.” Instead, try telling people (with love) that God wants to bless them, but He will not force His blessings upon anyone.

The greatest blessing that anyone can receive from the Lord is an eternal relationship with Him. You cannot expect God to bless anyone who refuses that gift. First, make sure that you want the person to experience God’s love in his heart. Then tell them, “God really wants to bless you by having a relationship with you. Would you like to experience His love in your heart and life?” If their answer is yes, then you can genuinely say, “God bless you!”