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Daily Encouragements


July 11

An Appeal – Psalm 109:21–25

Why should God bless you more?

Consider your relationship with the Lord. If He has given you the gift of eternal life, you already have more than you deserve. However, because of that relationship, He wants to do much more for you. What more do you desire from Him? Have you asked Him for something more? What is the basis for your appeal?

David continually desired a closer relationship with the Lord, and he did not mind asking. He described himself, saying, “I am poor and needy, and my heart is wounded within me” (v. 22). He evidently was “heart sick” because of the way others had treated him. It seems that he had been forsaken by almost all of his friends, and he thought no one really cared for him.

David also said, “My knees are weak through fasting; and my flesh faileth of fatness” (v. 24). This may indicate that he had done all he knew to do in order to gain God’s approval. For example, fasting and praying can be a great benefit. However, if they are done in order to try to manipulate God so He will bless in a special way, they have little value.

The real key to understanding how to make an appeal is found in verse 21. “But do thou for me, O GOD the Lord, for thy name’s sake: because thy mercy is good, deliver thou me.” The most appropriate basis of any appeal to God should be based on His “name’s sake.” When you appeal in this way, you are appealing based on who God is (His character and what He has promised).

The very heart of God’s character is mercy. God loves all mankind so much that He wants to show mercy rather than justice. His “mercy is good,” so make your appeal to God, and trust Him to do what is best for you and for His glory.