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January 19

A Longsuffering God – Psalm 14

Do you see potential or a problem?
Do you have someone in your family who is mentally or physically handicapped? How do you treat them? Do you treat them differently than you do those who are not handicapped?
Some children are born with birth defects that prevent them from maturing physically; others will never mature mentally. I have seen mothers in both situations take special care of their children, even though they will always be a great burden to them. This is because the mother who gave them life loves them with an unconditional love. This enables the mother to “go the second mile.”
God created this earth and everyone who lives in it. Each of us is part of His creation, and He loves us more than any mother could ever love her own children. Consider what the Lord sees when He looks at His creation. “The LORD looked down from heaven upon the children of men, to see if there were any that did understand, and seek God” (v. 2). He sees people like the fool that said, “There is no God,” “none that doeth good,” and those who were “all together become filthy.”
In our world today there are many people who do not understand that all people are special to God. Those who deny that God cares for every person want to judge the potential of unborn babies.
God’s perspective and man’s perspective are very different in many ways. God sees potential in every person. Godless men do not see potential; they only see problems. However, the greatest difference is that God is longsuffering! For example, very few people trust in Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior the first time they understand that they should. I delayed making this decision for over two years after I realized that I should trust Him. I am certainly glad that He was longsuffering with me! In what other ways has the Lord been longsuffering towards you? Have you thanked Him?