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Daily Encouragements


January 15

A Forgiving God – Psalm 10

Is God always close to you?
During halftime at a college basketball game, a man was given the chance to win $10,000 by making a basket from center court. He tried to prepare himself mentally, got set, and threw the ball toward the goal. The ball swished through the net, and the spectators went wild with excitement. The announcer interrupted the crowd’s excitement with an announcement, “Unfortunately, the shooter stepped on the line so the shot will not be accepted.” The crowd immediately changed their applause to boos. How could such a thing happen? It seemed unfair to lose $10,000 just because he stepped on the line.
Do you ever feel that God has been unfair to you? Have you thought that He deserted you just when you really needed Him? David had thoughts like these and wrote, “Why standest thou afar off, O LORD? why hidest thou thyself in times of trouble?” (v. 1).
David had some reasons why he thought God had forsaken him and was treating him unfairly. You may think God is unfair to you or has forgotten about you. Is this because He does not always meet your expectations? Don’t be deceived. He has not forgotten about you.
God has a purpose in all He does. He may have allowed you to have some difficult experiences because He wants you to learn to totally trust Him. God wants you to learn to trust Him in all things, even when you do not feel that He is near you. He wants you to totally trust Him, even if things do not seem fair and you are discouraged!
Do you remember the man who almost won $10,000? Later in the game another announcement was made, “The Company that sponsored this contest feels that, even though the contestant was disqualified for stepping on the line, they do not want negative publicity for their company. Therefore they are going to ignore the disqualification and award the $10,000 to the contestant.”
How do you suppose the crowd reacted? How do you suppose you will feel when you see the Lord and realize that He was always close to you and watching over you? Remember, God always writes the final chapter.