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Daily Encouragements


January 14

A Praiseworthy God – Psalm 8

Would you rather be criticized or praised?
Is it easier for you to criticize others or to praise them? Evaluate yourself! Which do you do most often? Have you been guilty of criticizing God? Do you praise Him often? These questions are not pleasant to answer, but they are important.
There are some important lessons to be learned from reading through the book of Numbers. The Israelites were slaves in Egypt. God called Moses to lead them out of bondage and into the land He had promised to give to them. As you read, ask yourself, “Did they know God?” They did not act like they knew Him because they constantly criticized Moses, the man God sent to lead them to freedom. They were guilty of complaining many times, but there does not seem to be even one time when they praised Moses. Neither did they have an attitude of praise toward God, even though He miraculously provided all they needed.
Think about writing your life history. You could probably make a list of places you have been, things you have done, and people you have met. However, as you think about your past, remember the Lord’s goodness to you. How often have you praised Him for His goodness to you? Hopefully you have never had a critical attitude toward the Lord, but have you praised Him?
What kind of history can you write about how He has blessed you? It is so easy to take God for granted. No one should ever be guilty of doing this! If you would like to leave a heritage that will bless others in the years to come, write about God’s goodness in all of the experiences you have had. Write about your spiritual journey. As you write, your heart will surely be filled with praise to the Lord and thankfulness for other people who have helped you in your spiritual journey. This will not leave you any time for criticism of others.
“O LORD our Lord, how excellent is thy name in all the earth!”
(v. 9).