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Daily Encouragements


January 3

Happiness Is a Choice – Psalm 1:1

Why is it so difficult to be happy?
If you are not happy, whose fault is it? Is it God’s? Of course not! The real cause for unhappiness is that we often make wrong choices. It is not possible to just “choose to be happy.” However, it is possible to make choices that result in the greatest happiness.
Psalm 1:1 teaches, “Blessed is the man that walketh not in the counsel of the ungodly.” When you are unhappy, could it be because you have chosen to listen to advice from someone who is not in full agreement with God’s Word on the matter?
Happiness is not a single time or event; it is a lifestyle. Happiness results from a series of choices. We are to resist the world’s way of thinking which surrounds us. Instead, we are to choose to allow God’s Word to be the dominant influence in our lives. Great happiness will be the result of allowing God to influence your way of living, rather than being governed by the world’s influence.
It is easy to give advice, because there are seldom any consequences for the one who gives advice. However, the person who responds to unwise advice will be the one who experiences the consequences. Therefore, we must be very careful about any advice that is given to us. Always ask, “Does this agree with what God’s Word teaches?”
God is the One who offers the way to experience true happiness. “Choose you this day whom ye will serve” (Joshua 24:15). It may be difficult to choose the way of life that He offers, but the result is worth the effort! The choice is yours. Reject the way of the world around you, and determine to live a lifestyle according to His way. The results are God’s responsibility, and He has said that those who reject ungodly advice will be blessed. How very happy you will be if you make this choice!