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Posted by Ron Fuhrman on December 4, 2007

PODS stands for personal,observation, discipleship (or discovery), and spiritual growth. It is a word we’ve adapted to our small group approach. Over the last three years I have been involved as a chaplain in training. The training utilized small groups with a goal of personal and professional growth. I know the concept is not new and many are using this very successfully but for me it was a new thing.

My mode of ministry was teaching. I believed that if we just tell people the truth that the Lord would then produce the change. I was missing one important element in the process and that was that God wants to connect people in deep relationships to aid the growth process.

I have learned that the Lord uses people in the process of spiritual growth and it is exciting to see others growing in the Lord. I have also seen men participate in a group for a long time and miss some of the important dynamics of the group. It took me almost three years to finally realize what it was that I was experiencing.

Do you have a personal growth experience that you’d like top share with others? What can we do to help you launch a ministry to men? Send me your thoughts, questions and comments.

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