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Posted by Ron Fuhrman on May 23, 2007

The other day I shared a message with some men and was impressed with the fact that God does not ‘need’ us to work for Him, because He is self-sufficient. But it is a privilege to serve Him, however, and to be a part of His plan. This morning I felt burdened and asked the Lord to use me today. On two separate occasions as I was doing normal things, I met strangers that had needs and both individuals opened parts of their wounded hearts to me. I believe the Lord allowed me to share His love with them. It is not hard to find a person with needs, if they are alive and breathing most likely they have a need. I trust that God will use you to care for hurting people, in fact it may be the next stranger you meet.


Do you have brochures available on the Vessels unto Honor Mens Conference? I would like 5 or 6 to give to men in our church.

06|15|2007 by Tom Moody

Tom, If you would e-mail me your address I send them right out. thanks for asking.

06|30|2007 by Ron


Your son Eric has been working a retail center in Memphis for me. He told me about your website.He’s doing a great job by the way.

What info do you have on the father/daughter hunt in Tx? I may be interested. Thanks Marty Roberts

09|17|2007 by Marty Roberts

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