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Posted by Ron Fuhrman on February 1, 2010

As to the year ahead, we have determined to do three specific things. One is to assemble a working team of men in our local area that will be involved in the events and small group activities that we are doing. Second, we want offer a mentorship that would impact some younger men. I believe that there are some men that would like to have an older man he could learn from regarding life and spiritual growth. I foresee working with group of about 5-7 men for a period of one year. This small team of men would meet as a group and with me as individuals at regular intervals. Reading, reflection and specific assignments would be met in an effort to develop spiritual maturity. These men would also participate in the other efforts of the ministry. Third, we are expanding the number of group outreaches for fathers and sons as we focus on the local area. Our objective is to “spread the net” and trust the Lord to bring the “increase”. Since teaching is an important element in the Whetstone mission I will accept more opportunities to preach, conduct more small group encounters and teach other men to lead groups. In summary, our objectives this year are to form a Whetstone leadership team, initiate a mentorship program for growing young men, and seek out those men that need to connect in life giving relationships. My wife also has a special burden for grandmothers and will be preparing a special outreach for them.

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