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Posted by Ron Fuhrman on February 6, 2008

Dear Friends,

Ministry is as close as the next person we meet. Every person is fighting some sort of a battle and we have the opportunity to join with them in the fight. I have come to realize that I cannot fix anyone, although that is what I have been trying to do all my life. I assumed that ministry amounted to finding out what the problem was and then to offer something to fix the problem. In reality problems are God’s provision to know Him better. It is no secret that trials are one of God’s primary means to blessings. That is what James tells us. Difficulties are to be seen as friends, to be welcomed into our life to produce good things. It sure is hard and painful sometimes to go through problems, but that is the very opportunity we all have to connect with each other in the battles we encounter. There is nothing like a good friend to fight with us in the battle, to feel each other’s pain; to know God in deeper ways. How are you doing? I would like to hear from you.

Your friend,



Just checked out your website. Good job. Blessings, have a great day!


09|15|2008 by Glen De Young

wow, this camp sounds great im 45 years old but two in the lord,can some-one out there tell me about them. thanks vikki

06|11|2009 by vikk moulder

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